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Repairing Your Skin With Scientific Advances

Take care of your skin for a lifetime of beauty. Soft, caressable skin can be yours with help from Jelena Begovic in Jacksonville, Florida. Her facials are designed to help support the nutritive needs of your skin.

Soothe and Defend Facial for Acne

Let Jelena introduce you to a great treatment to detoxify your skin, regardless of the type. It effectively penetrates to dissolve clogged pores and blackheads. It kills bacteria and reduces inflammation and rough skin texture to leave your skin thoroughly hydrated, healthy, and purified.
This 60-Minute facial is $75.00 for adults and $50.00 for teens

Cleansing Facial

You'll simply love this deep pore cleansing treatment that includes mild exfoliation, extractions, circulation massage, and a balancing mask for hydration.
Receive a 60-minute treatment for $75.00

AHA Facial

Take this enjoyable step to improve your skin's texture and reduce pore size. The exfoliating action of this treatment helps smooth surface texture, stimulate collagen, and increase cell turnover. Improvements in your skin's texture, pore size and tone, will be evident with each progressive treatment.
This 60-minute facial is $85.00

Woman Getting a Facial

Stem Cell Rejuvenation Facial

There's no need to look your age when you choose a Stem Cell Rejuvenation Facial. This is a professional-quality resurfacing treatment designed to support age management concerns. It also helps greatly with the treatment of adult acne. This unique resurfacing facial is formulated with stem cells, the latest in anti-aging technology. Hydrated, plumped, and smoother looking skin is now yours.
This is an 80-minute procedure for $125.00

Facial Treatment

Sensiderm Facial

Do you have rosacea or redness? Jelena has a sensitive skin facial for you.
• This soothing and hydrating 60-minute treatment is $75.00.

Micro Current LED Facials

These facials are offered as an 85-minute procedure.
• The cost is $175.00

Peptide Resurfacing Facial with Vitamin C

Repair and firm your skin with the antioxidant benefits of Vitamin C, while glycolic acid and firming peptides work to resurface and strengthen the integrity of your skin for a noticeably firmer, more resilient effect
This 75-minute facial is $125.00


Enjoy this highly effective treatment done with diamond tips to ensure even resurfacing and exfoliation. This procedure will stimulate collagen, making fine lines less noticeable. It includes a lactic acid peel and ultrasound.
• A 45-minute treatment is $95.00. • A 75-minute procedure with a facial is $145.00.